For many small business owners, the thought of switching from a fax machine to an online faxing service is one that involves a lot of analysis. After all, you’ve been using your faxing machine for a long time, and the novel faxing technology may be new to you. Before you make a decision, you might want to find out more about the costs of an online fax solution. 

To understand the pricing of online faxing services, you have to realize that each business has different demands when it comes to faxing. Here, we look at some of the cost savings involved and the various options to consider when adopting an online faxing service for your small business.

Why ditch the fax machine?

Before we look at the pricing of online fax, let’s have a closer look at the expenses associated with owning a traditional fax machine. Depending on how many fax machines you have, you’ll need to pay for a business phone line rental, phone line installation costs, paper, toner, electricity, and repair and maintenance. These expenses can quickly add up.

According to eFax, a leading provider of online fax services, businesses that opt to send fax online instead of using traditional fax machines can save themselves a lot of money. Online fax is more cost-effective and convenient for small companies as it uses a subscription-based pricing model that depends on usage. You can pay for the service either monthly or annually. 

Why faxing usage matters when determining pricing

Even when small business owners know that turning to technology solutions like online faxing saves them money, it still might not be clear which solution best matches their requirements. One of the most critical factors when looking at the pricing of online fax services is your business faxing usage. You have to look beyond the numbers and ask yourself a few questions.

  • How many numbers of pages do I want to send or receive every month?
  • What features do I want with my online faxing services? 
  • Do I need international faxing capabilities?
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By assessing and understanding your needs, you’ll be in a better position to choose a service pricing that meets your exact requirements. Consider the number of faxes you would send and receive in any given month and pick a plan that fits. Also, consider the exact features you need. 

Understand the fee structures

Most online fax solutions operate on a monthly subscription structure. Base charges range anywhere from $5 to $50 per month, with varying service tiers offering a range of features. These prices often come with a set amount of incoming and outgoing faxes in pages. If you send more than your monthly limit, you’ll pay overage fees that depend on the vendor. 

Some faxing services also provide a pay-as-you-go fee structure. In this model, you don’t pay monthly fees, but instead, pay for each fax you send via the service. This plan is ideal for small businesses that don’t send many faxes every month. Look out for hidden fees and any unexpected costs. Be sure about the setup costs, overage costs, and long-distance charges. 


Online faxing offers a significant reduction in the overall cost of faxing, and the time and effort you need to do it. When looking at the pricing of online fax services, you should know precisely how online fax companies charge for their services and how much you’ll pay. Always compare service features and pricing structures before you choose the right company.

While pricing is important, customer service matters even more. You’ll want to get professional assistance when you need help. So, ensure that the online fax provider you choose has a dependable and responsive customer service, besides affordable rates. 

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