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A quality management system is a set of formalized processes that can aid your firm in satisfying your customers and their requirements. The benefits of a QMS are endless. A good QMS like Veeva Industries QualityOne can help you to manage your data resources efficiently, focus on mentoring and training your employees, and a lot more. 

Different organizations require a different set of these processes, and different QMS software enhance the management of your firm in different ways. You need to reckon the best QMS for your company according to what your company does. Here is a list of various quality management systems that you might wish to implement in your business.

Document manager

If you wish to control the access of certain online documents of your firm, then a document control software can prove to be very helpful. It ensures that the right document is accessed by the right person. 

Also, it can help your firm in managing its documents online and ensuring that they comply with the rules and regulations set by the government.

Supplier manager

Every organization wishes to deliver only the best quality products to its customers. A supplier quality management system allows you to monitor your supply chain and inspect materials at regular intervals throughout the life cycle of a product. 

With the help of this software, you can ensure the quality of your products at the very beginning of their production till when they are delivered to the customers.

Training record manager

This software can prove to be very helpful during and after a training session. It can help you to keep a record of who all have attended the training and for how long. 

Also, it helps you to test your employee’s competence and thus ensures that your employees are qualified enough. This way, you can even understand when is the right time to train your employees.  

Equipment and asset manager

It is crucial for a company to keep the condition of its heavy machinery and assembly chain up to the mark. An equipment and asset management software allows you to keep track of all the assets that you have and what their exact location is. 

This way, you’ll never purchase an asset that you don’t need, and also it will be easier to figure out the type of asset that you require. 

Policy manager

A policy manager software can aid in making your employees understand and implement a particular policy effectively. You can even make better policies by assigning ownership and responsibilities to your team. 

Moreover, the software reminds you about the renewal of these policies, whenever required.

The corrective and preventive action manager

CAPA is one of the essential quality management systems. It is a software that simplifies the process of complying with requirements for corrective and preventive action processes. 

It is crucial for achieving regulatory compliance with globally recognized requirements. Through this system, you can even monitor the trends for preventive action and analyze the failures of your firm along with investigating them.

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