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After releasing some pretty decent updates to its iOS application adding much needed social sharing functionality and releasing an all new version of the application for Spotify’s growing app ecosystem, AllThingsD has now learned that Twitter will likely be killing its music service, #Music, due to what the company is apparently calling “abysmal” usage.

Twitter’s #Music application was much rumored prior to its release and came on the scene to a huge amount of hype, quickly rising to the #6 spot on Apple’s App Store rankings before falling right off the top 100 list within just a few weeks. This was in April; today, according to app store analysts company Onavo, #Music sits at a pretty pathetic #1,672.

According to the report, Twitter has yet to put the final nail in the coffin and could potentially decide to bring new life to the application alongside a rumored reshuffling of Twitter’s music department, however such a situation certainly seems to be extraordinarily unlikely.

#Music was originally developed by Twitter business development leader Kevin Thau, who left the company not long after the official release of the application. As Twitter has recently brought in former Topspin Media SVP Bob Moczydlowsky to work with the company’s music team, the company seems to be reconsidering what its role should be in the music industry.

Whatever Twitter decides to do next, it seems likely at this point that they’ll be doing it without #Music. If we’re speaking honestly? #Music was good, but it was never great – and whatever Twitter does next, it needs to be great.

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