Twitter Announces 100M Active Users. I’m Not Impressed.

Twitter has 100 million active monthly users and 400 million monthly visitors to its Web site, said CEO Dick Costolo, at what he called Twitter’s “state of the union” this past Thursday.  However, Costolo went on to say that 40 percent (or 40 million) of active users don’t create their own tweets, meaning of course, that they are just reading other users 140 character (or less) messages.  Additionally, many more people aren’t even logged in when they visit

While Twitter is still showing growth, I’m not that impressed with the statistics.  The numbers aren’t necessarily bad, but they are much lower than I would have anticipated given the amount of mainstream press coverage the site has gotten over the past three or so years.  The fact that only 60 million users are actively tweeting and pushing content to the site shows conversion issues or that people lose interest too quickly.

Twitter needs to focus on increasing conversions and retention of users.  In order to do both of those things they need to figure out ways to get new users involved by making it easier to build up a following early on.  Face it, no one likes talking to a wall, which is essentially what ends up happening.  These new users start sending out tweets, expecting to receive replies which never appear, leaving them discouraged and frustrated.

It also should be of some concern to advertisers.  Twitter is looking to implement its new in-stream advertising model soon, but if a large portion of the sites visitors do not login, they will not see these ads.  And trust me, there is a difference between reaching 100 million people and only reaching 60 million people in the advertising world.  Because depending upon how many users will these in-stream promoted tweets will absolutely affect the price at which they can sell promoted tweets to advertisers.

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  1. If you’d like to meet 90m of Twitter’s 100m active users, just mention “iPod”, “iPad”, or “PlayStation” in a tweet and wait for them to @reply you :)

  2. Not really up-to-par on Twitter’s advertisement schemes other than “maybe posting advertisements to user in-stream.” I could have possibly misread that (nor did I really pay attention to it).

    But the fame is there. After-all, it is being mentioned on TV quite frequently. In some cases more than Facebook, and Facebook is known to be much larger. Even the Weather Channel utilises Twitter for audience interaction.

    MTV even utilised it. Not sure if they did this year, or will continue to. 

    The footprint is there – It’s only up to Twitter to keep this motivation up. I don’t see any drop-off from that as long as they keep doing what they’re doing (with obvious changes to progress).

    And yes, 100 million active isn’t much when compared to other services, but I often find engagement to be short-lived, but well-noticed when dealing with Twitter. Longer conversations, and way higher conversation-rate takes place on Facebook. (Can’t really count G+ right now, because it’s too fresh)

  3. See, I definitely see what you’re saying about Twitter being mainstream and I agree.  However, that’s also the very reason why I find the numbers to not be that impressive.  Granted, it appears they are still growing, but nontheless, they’ve been “mainstream” for roughly 3 years now… I’d have expected better stats.  

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