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Microsoft released its Surface Pro 3 last Friday, and despite a few issues here or there, the thing is a sleek, stylish, powerful computer – that doesn’t come cheap. Microsoft is aware of this fact, and is looking for a way to convince you to buy one…but mainly if you’re already a Mac user looking to make the switch to Windows.

Until July 31, Microsoft is offering up to $650 in store credit towards the purchase of a Surface Pro 3 when you trade in your old Macbook Air. Specifically, your Macbook “must power on to be considered working” and “water-damaged devices and devices with cracked screens are not considered working devices.” So if your Macbook Air became a Macbook Water after a flood or something, your computer’s no good here.

This is just the latest such offer from Microsoft targeting its old rival. In September of last year, Microsoft ran two trade-in offers: one wanted old iPads in exchange for a Surface RT, and one was for old iPhones for – duh – a shiny new Windows Phone. The difference this time around is that the Surface Pro 3 is actually something you may want to seriously consider as a viable option.

If you need convincing, Microsoft has a whole stat sheet detailing why the Surface Pro 3 is superior to the Macbook, but at the end of the day, you probably won’t be swayed unless you’re looking for a change. And on that note, I do have to wonder if there are any Mac users out there who actually want to go to Windows 8 from OS X. I know what I prefer, and that’s why I’m still using Windows despite my qualms with it.

So are any of you out there considering this offer? The Surface Pro 3 is a really great machine, and I have a feeling that if you get one, you’ll probably be happy for quite a while. But are you willing to make the switch from Apple to Microsoft? What are your feelings on the dueling operating systems?

[Microsoft Store]


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