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To help keep our cell phones safe and in tip-top shape, one of the best solutions is the use of a protective case. While many don’t like the looks these cases have to offer, sometimes the risks just outweigh the benefits. In the same way you wouldn’t leave your car unlocked just so you don’t have to dig out your keys, your phone needs protection from the elements, burglars, and the person operating it.

There are plenty of different styles and options, but to choose the best smartphone case for your needs, consider the level of protection preferred vs. a style (and a price) you find appealing.

To narrow the field, take a look at these top sellers.


otterbox casesOne of the most respected brands, Otterbox, provides multiple layers of safety for smartphones. Coming in waterproof and crushproof versions, these are best for phones at high risk for destruction. Choose your level of destruction — ranging from Armour to Impact series, and everything in between, these cases are perfect for all activities and risk factors. Build a custom case, or choose from one of their many options. The site even lists what each case protects against so you can find the best fit.


For a more stylish option, try these leather models from NutShell. Still providing protection from scratches or drops, their sleek designs are found preferable for dressier occasions. Use them to hook or loop your phone to your belt or brief case, or stick to sleeved layers of safety. NutShell’s cases come in all sizes, colors, and are all made from genuine leather.

Incipiospring phone cover

Another company offering cases in all types of style, Incipio, gives users more material/texture choices. From heavy duty to thin-yet-still-protected, smartphone owners can rest at ease with these products on their side. Incipio is also known for their stylish choices, including designs, colors, and seasonal decor options.

More Thing

For those looking for a mix of the above, try More Thing, a company that offers leather, metal, or plastic covers. Many cases are lined with zippers for added protection, while still providing a choice of flashier options. Check them out when looking for a change, or old favorites to keep your smartphone safe.

With smartphone covers, it’s important to remember you get what you pay for; the pricier the case, the more insurance it can offer. Whether or not that protection is needed, however, is up to you. Consider the consequences either way when deciding whether or not to case your smartphone.

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