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Remember when you had to slave over building a resume on your bulky desktop and search the classifieds for job postings?  Well, now you can search and even apply to jobs on your smartphone.  Many job search apps even have built in GPS to identify what jobs are near you.  Here are a few mobile job search apps that you may want to check out if you are in the market for a new gig:

1.) Proven:  (FREE: Android and iOS) Newly updated, Proven takes the job search to a different level, allowing users to apply to jobs from their smartphones.  Proven works with popular job search sites SimplyHired and Craigslist, but allows users to attach their resumes with a few taps.  The latest update to its Android version (iOS coming soon) even allows job searchers to build a resume from scratch directly within the app.  So if your resume isn’t that great or you don’t have one at all, this may be a great app for you.

2.) JobAware:  (FREE: iOS) JobAware works with the popular job search site Indeed to help you find full-time, part-time, internship, or contract work.  The app uses GPS to help you find jobs in cities near you and lets you track your jobs by priority (whether it’s your dream job or just a third choice).  It even tracks how far along you are in the application process.  JobAware, which currently allows you sync with the website, will soon allow you to sync notes between apps.

3.) Job Mo: (FREE: Android and iOS) Job Mo stands out from the crowd because of it’s easy to use interface which utilizes Google Maps to help you find local jobs.  The app searches among millions of job listings from around the globe  and also lets you apply to jobs directly from your mobile device.  Some added features?  Users can compare salaries and trends for a particular job.JobMo

4.) Gigwalk: (FREE: iOS) While you are searching for the perfect job, you can still make some cash through contract work.  Gigwalk helps you find temporary gigs ranging in pay and job type.  For example, you can be a mystery shopper and ask a store clerk for help finding a product and rate your experience.  The best part is, if you do well at the job, businesses on Gigwalk can invite your to private groups and recommend you to others in the company.

5.) Ultimate Job Search: (Free: iOS) Currently the top rated job search app, users can search an “unlimited” number of job boards, including Craigslist, at one time.  Plus, you can customize your search by pasting a job search RSS feed from your favorite jobs search site.

And if you want a little more advice on how to land the perfect job, BestTechie’s founder, Jeff Weisbein, has you covered.

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