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Tim Tebow is a social media phenom. Since the rumors of his trade (and subsequently the actual trade) to the Jets made it into the public, the New York Jets Facebook page has essentially seen a hockey stick increase in “Likes” most likely from Tebow fans and followers who wouldn’t have otherwise cared about the Jets one bit.

Don’t believe me? Take a look. The chart below shows that as of March 20th the New York Jets Facebook page was hitting it’s lowest number of “Likes” per day and the amount of people talking about the Jets had also appeared to be tapering off. Never fear though, queue the Tim Tebow trade rumors and the Jets Facebook page “Likes” per day started to climb higher while the amount of people talking about the Jets has soared.

Tim tebow likes

Currently the NY Jets have 1.3 million people who “Like” their page, a number which I expect to continue to increase as the season gets closer and Tebowmania begins. While the Jets are still trailing the New York Giants in Facebook “Likes” I wouldn’t be surprised if they catch up soon, thanks to Tebow. The Giants currently have 2.1 million “Likes.”

Leave it to the Jets to get more fans by acquiring perhaps the most polarizing figure in professional sports, instead of gaining fan support the old fashion way by you know, winning.

On a side note, I wonder how many “Likes” the Denver Broncos page lost (if any) after the Tim Tebow departure. They are currently hovering close to 1.2 million. However, I can’t determine any fluctuations in their numbers because the Broncos have yet to update their page to the new Facebook Timeline.

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