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Today marked Apple’s 24th WWDC, held at Moscone West in San Francisco, California.  Here are some quick facts provided by Apple CEO Tim Cook at the beginning of the keynote.

  • 6 million registered developers in Apple’s developer program, 1.5 million developers added since WWDC ’12.
  • 1 million daily visitors at Apple retail stores every day last year.
  • 407 Apple retail stores worldwide, in 14 countries.
  • The App Store is celebrating its 5th birthday in July.
  • 50 billion apps have been downloaded from the App Store.
  • 900,000 apps within the App Store, 90 percent of apps are downloaded each month.
  • 375,000 iPad-specific apps.
  • 575 million store accounts (most) with credit cards.
  • Apple has paid out $10 billion to developers (which is 3x more than all other platforms combined).
  • 72 million Mac’s sold.  New iMac became the number one desktop in the U.S.
  • The MacBook is the number one notebook in the U.S.
  • Mac sales are up 100% over the past five years, compared to PC sales which are up only 18 percent.
  • Shipped 28 million copies of Mountain Lion (latest version of OS X).
  • 600 million iOS devices have been sold.

Those are some pretty incredible numbers, especially the developer payout numbers.

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