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It looks like those endless and stressful walks through the airport trying to find a spot comfortable enough to both relax and charge your phone are history. There’s a new smart suitcase in the market, and Genius Pack just announced it’s also “Supercharged.”

Since 2013, Genius Pack has designed luggage focusing solely on extreme functionality and tech. Following the success of its previous suitcase lines, Genius Pack Supercharged is its latest upgraded version.

Tech-savvy travelers are now able to travel with hi-tech features embedded in their own luggage. The Supercharged line comes with a 2-in-1 charging cable that supports both iPhones and Android devices. Additionally, the smart suitcase includes a dual USB port and a TSA-friendly removable power pack with enough power to recharge phones up to four times.

Super-organized travelers will now enjoy the packing experience of their dreams. The carry-on comes with a garment loop to pack hanging clothes, labeled category compartments to separate clothes from tech devices, an embedded checklist so socks don’t get left behind, and even a secluded laundry compartment for dirty underwear!

Though it sounds fabulous to be able to charge both your iPhone and iPad at the same time, the truth is that no extra compartment or TSA approved battery removes the burden of take out all your devices each time you go through airport security. The good news though? If you make it through security quick enough, Genius Pack offers you the chance to watch your favorite Netflix show while you are waiting to board, without ever running out of battery again.

The new carry-on is launching via a Kickstarter campaign and will begin shipping in March 2019.

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