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Google has responded to the swarm of questions about what the next version of Google Glass will look like and instead of telling us about it, they decided to show us.  In a post on Google+, the company revealed what the next-generation of its wearable computing device will look like and it is actually surprisingly similar to the current version.  The only real difference that I can spot is the addition of that mono earbud we mentioned yesterday and of course the fact that it will be compatible with prescription glasses.

“Wow, lots of questions! We’d rather “show” than “tell” so here you go: the mono earbud, and the Glass that Explorers will be getting when they swap later this year.”

Check it out for yourself:


What do you think? Personally, I’m kind of disappointed that it looks so similar to the older model and that earbud just isn’t cutting it for me — it almost feels like a step back in terms of the technology (if in fact the earbud is meant to completely replace the bone conducting audio).

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