The Outline is a 90s site design built with today’s technologies

Yesterday, Joshua Topolsky’s new brain child, The Outline launched to the world. You’re likely familiar with Topolsky’s work, he was at Engadget prior to co-founding The Verge and then had a short stint at Bloomberg. Oh and he’s also made some appearances on Jimmy Fallon. Anyway, his new site launched yesterday so I took a second to check it out.

According to Topolsky’s welcome post, The Outline is “a new kind of publication for a new kind of human.” I’m not exactly sure what that means, but let’s roll with it for now.

Immediately after visiting the site, I felt a great amount of 90s nostalgia wash over me and it seems I’m not alone with that sentiment. Some tweets below (including one from yours truly).

A screenshot of part of The Outline homepage.

Reactions to the very 90s-esque design seem mixed, I’m going to guess it’ll prove very popular with the site’s ideal demographic (millennials aka me) who it will remind of fun and stress-free times in their lives.

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