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If you have ever wished that you could enjoy a cleaner, more streamlined experience while reading the New York Times online, you certainly wouldn’t be alone. Luckily, the New York Times has heard your call, and has just released a brand new way to read the New York Times on your computer and tablet. “Today’s Paper,” as it’s called, is what it sounds like – a digital, online reproduction of the print version of each edition of the New York Times, complete with an image of the actual physical paper.

The new web application offers a brand new, cleaner, more streamlined take on an online version of the famous publication. As is per the course for the New York Times, Today’s Paper is currently only available for registered, paying subscribers. Today’s Paper is currently optimized for both desktop computers as well as tablets with an interface that easily scales depending on your screen size. Smartphones are, unfortunately, not yet supported.

If there are any potential downsides to application, the most significant one would more than likely be the loss of background downloads for offline reading. This is of course due to the fact that Today’s Paper is built as a web application, not a native app, and therefore unable to take advantage of some of the advanced functionality that the dedicated versions of the application have offered for some time now. Readers will also be unable to read online-exclusive content on Today’s Paper – they’ll still need to check out the primary site for that content.

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