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Apple may be releasing an 8GB version of the iPhone 3GS to replace the $99 iPhone 3G perhaps as early as January. According to reports by Apple Insider, one German customer who purchased a refurbished 8GB iPhone 3G found a label on the back that said “iPhone 3GS v2.2, 8GB.” The model number, A1241, and part number, MB490DN/A, are identical to the existing iPhone 3G, however no other materials on the packaging mention an 8GB iPhone 3GS.

Currently, the cheapest iPhone 3GS is the $199 16GB model (which I have). The iPhone 3GS sports a speedy PowerVR SGX GPU core that supports Open GL ES 2.0, while the iPhone 3G does not.


If this happens, it wouldn’t be the first time Apple has released a new iPhone mid-cycle. Apple released the 16GB iPhone for $499 to only turn around and release the iPhone 3G a few months later.

Nonetheless, I think this would be a great move on Apple’s part. We all know Apple is a stickler for trying to provide great user experiences so by releasing a $99 iPhone 3GS, it would allow everyone to have the same experience on the iPhone (speed and performance wise at least).

[Image courtesy of Apple Insider]

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