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We extensively covered the prolific story of Flappy Bird, including its rise and fall from glory (and app stores). But now, it appears the little app that could might be making a return to digital shelves, according to its creator, Dong Nguyen.

According to an exclusive interview Nyugen gave with Rolling Stone, the developer says he’s “considering it” in regards to returning Flappy Bird to the iOS and Google Play app stores.

This wouldn’t be a new version of the game, and it wouldn’t have any substantial changes. It’d just be regular, frustrating, Flappy Bird.

But if he ever does decide to release a game similar to Flappy Bird, such as Flappy Bird 2, it will come with a built-in, in-game “warning,” he says. It will simply say “Please take a break.”

As of now, this is in no way a confirmation that Flappy Bird will be available to those who missed the opportunity to download it previously. For now, you’ll still have to buy an over-priced iPhone with the game installed, or snag the file from a friend on your Android device.

If you’re interested in reading more about Nyugen’s interview with Rolling Stone, we certainly recommend giving it a read-through. If video is your cup of tea, then why not check out our feature on The Rise and Fall of Flappy Bird?

And if THAT doesn’t ruffle your feathers, then maybe go play Threes. It’s pretty great.

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