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I just received my More Concepts Noel iPhone Case and decided to unbox live. It’s sleek, shiny, and cool.  It doesn’t seem like it would be too protective if it were to fall, however, it does keep the back from getting scratched up and dirty, while keeping the iPhone stylish.  It comes with two sets of cloths – one for the back and one for the screen.  Additionally, it comes with a screen cover if you want to put that on to keep the iPhone screen from getting smudged.

The iPhone screen protector is extremely difficult to place on the phone and even if placed well may develop bubbles underneath after a while.  I would recommend taking it to Apple store and having them do it and save yourself a massive headache.  The case also comes with another protective cover for the back of the phone where the Apple logo is located – just another protective measure to keep the phone looking sharp.

I like this case because it is very sleek and keeps the iPhone small and thin in form factor unlike many other cases out there which are bulky and clunky.  While I wish it would more protection in terms of if I were to drop it, I guess I sacrificed that luxury for a smaller and thinner case.  I’ll just make sure I’m extremely careful, plus I have Apple Care.

If you are not the most careful person in the world you may want to check out the Incase Protective Case series of iPhone cases.  My girlfriend has one and it’s very nice.  The outside is a rubber(ish) molded material and the inside has a little give to help protect the iPhone if you were to actually drop it.  If you are looking for a more stylish yet still rather protective case for your iPhone, Incase also has the Slider Case series available which is a bit more stylish but still protective.  However, one of the cons I have noticed with the Incase cases (it also depends on the color you get) is that they can get rather dirty (which may or may not be a problem for many people).

Of course, If style is all you are about, the More-Thing cases are extremely stylish but are not the most protective.

What iPhone case do you use?  Leave a comment!

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