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Entertainment is an essential part of life as it helps people to learn new things, relaxes the mind, boosts the mood, reduces boredom, and keeps minds active. One of the best ways form of entertainment is watching movies, sports or TV shows or play games, and with the evolution of technology over the last decade it is making it easier and easier. With modern technology, people can choose to watch movies at the theater or watch movies, sports and shows or play games on television, computer or mobile devices. Apps have become a huge part of entertainment, providing easy access to entertainment via mobile devices any time any place. Here are some of the best apps for Android and iPhone devices.


This is the best entertainment app that is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. Offering movies, television shows, serials, news, sporting events and drama in 17 languages makes this app the most popular entertainment platform available. Hotstar also includes vernacular movies and shows, Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies and Hot-star originals, among others.

Talking Tom Cat 2

This is a play app, not a movie or TV show app, but it is among the best entertainment apps available for Android and iOS devices. The user can have a lot of fun by saying anything, and Tom will repeat it hilariously. Other play activities include stroking and poking Tom, making him fart, smash a pillow or explode a paper bag, or customizing his clothes using different apparel and accessories. The user can even record what she is doing with Tom and share with friends, or upload on Facebook and YouTube.


It is the most popular subscription service app for movies and TV shows, compatible with Android and iOS. The user can stream movies and TV shows that are available on this highly sought-after platform including Netflix originals. It is easy to search for new titles and episodes that are added to Netflix regularly. 

Amazon Prime Video

This is another excellent Android/iOS entertainment app that transforms a smartphone into a television. It contains movies and TV shows including Prime originals. The user can also download content, check the ratings for TV shows and movies, and add videos to a watchlist. There are many other popular features.


This app is available for Android devices only and it enables users to watch full videos from the TED library. The videos come with subtitles in over 100 languages which makes this app popular all over the world. Users can also download video and audio content and play them offline later without the need for internet connection.

IMDB Movies &TV

This app is limited to Android devices. The users have access to more than 5 million movies, TV shows, and other programs. They can also search more than 8 million cast and crew members, celebrities, directors, actors, actresses, quotes, trivia and goofs. Breaking news is also available. People can also see the ratings for different content on this platform. There are many other features.

Tubi – watch movies and tv shows

Tubi is one of the best TV streaming apps but it is compatible with iOS devices only. Users enjoy a wide variety of drama, action, comedy, thriller, kids, science, and trending videos, all of which are free. They can access international hits, discover amazing hidden gems, create a playlist and enjoy many more features that come with this app.

Barbie Dreamtopia 

This app is only available for iOS devices. Users can spend many entertaining hours playing on this app, using their creativity to come up with exciting hairstyles for Barbie. The fancy tools (brush, braids and other accessories) available here help the user to cut, wash, color, and brush Barbie’s hair.

Fandango Movie Tickets & Times

This app is for movie fans but it is limited to Android devices. Users can browse movies, theaters, and showtimes, view photos and watch exclusive interviews of their favorite actors or actresses. They can also check the ratings for various movies, and search for a theater with the best facilities in their areas. The movies on this app are categorized into comedy, action, kids, sci-fi, animated, etc. 

Flickster – movies & fashion

This is an excellent Android app that enables users to peruse news and gossip about celebrities, check movie ratings, watch movie trailers, and much more. Users with an interest in fashion can get more information about trending fashion and more. The app also enables users to join celebrity and movie fan groups, where they can chat with other members.

No boredom with entertainment apps

These are the best entertainment apps for 2020. People can fill in their free time with these apps and never get bored again.

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