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For months, rumors have ping ponged back and forth about whether or not Apple would be making a smaller version of the iPhone 6—and on Tuesday, those rumors swung back the other way, with Digitimes reporting once again that a 4-inch iPhone was on its way.

Recent rumors point to Apple reviving its “C” line of iPhones for a smaller version of the iPhone 6.

According to the post, AU Optronics “is expected to supply 4-inch panels and is currently prepping 4.7- and 5.5-inch LTPS In-Cell displays.” That seems to indicate that a 4-inch iPhone is on the docket, possibly for release in September, the traditional blooming season for new iPhone models.

However, there’s not much in the report to go on. For starters, the piece cites a report from “TechNews,” but doesn’t link to any story. And, unless I’ve missed something, there’s no publication I know of simply called “TechNews.” Searching out that term, along with “AU Optronics” doesn’t turn up much—except the DigiTimes post.

So, in the end, simply take this latest entry in the ongoing debate with a huge pinch of salt. I do think that Apple is likely to release a smaller iPhone, but that’s based more on looking at its past penchant for smaller devices, rather than anything resembling hard evidence. Call it a gut feeling—which could be what’s informing this latest rumor as well.

Apple’s annual developer’s conference, WWDC, is set for this June. But don’t expect to hear anything about a new iPhone. They usually save hardware announcements for later in the year, just as they did with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus last September, which also happened to be when the Apple Watch was unveiled.

More likely, Apple could have something to say about a new iteration of iOS. If that happens, there may be clues offered that provide details about what may or may not be coming down the pike in terms of hardware.

[Source: DigiTimes via TechRadar]

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