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September 30 is supposed to be the day that Microsoft will unveil a preview of its next operating system, alternately referred to as Windows Threshold or Windows 9. Over on Neowin today, a post boasts a few slick looking images that purport to show what Windows 9 will look like when it’s released in preview later this year.

These screens from German tech site WinFuture depicting “Windows Threshold, build 9834” seem like they might be the real deal based on what’s been reported so far. One way or another, the post explains, “if these images were faked, they were done so with insider knowledge as they are complete in regards to icons, such as those on the feedback surveys, being correct.”

So what do we see in some of these screens? For starters, we’ve got the returned Start Menu, as well as the Mini Modern Start Menu attached to the right:


And there’s also the Notification Center coming up from the system tray that we’ve heard about:


We’ve also got the Charms Bar removed – and moved to a new location within Modern App windows. Take a look:


To me, that’s a great design choice. It seems that in this new version of Windows, we’ll be able to move and resize Modern Apps just like traditional windows. Having the Charms options – like “Search,” “Share,” and “Settings” coming from that little drop down bar with the three dots seems like it’ll utilize an easily recognizable design language that I hope we’ll see across all app windows in this new build. Hopefully there won’t be much difference between “Modern Apps” and normal applications. That’s been one of the biggest problems – at least for me – in Windows 8. Making sure that all apps are applications, and all applications are apps, will be a great way to allow users to fully understand and enjoy their new Windows experience.

What do you think of these screens? I’m loving them…and hopefully I’ll be able to upgrade all my Windows machines to this new OS with minimal trouble. So long Windows 7 and 8!

[Source: Neowin, WinFuture]

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