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The Lenovo A1 Tablet Definitely Has Price On Its Side

As worthless as I felt the discontinued HP TouchPad was when it went on sale last month following HP’s announcement that they planned to step out of the hardware game, I must admit that there was a brief moment where I honestly considered whipping out my Visa card and ordering one for myself.  After all, at $99 the TouchPad did seem like an excellent deal, giving users to hardware of almost the same stature as the iPad 2.  But the more and more that I thought about it, the $99/$149 price points on the TouchPad really weren’t as good as they seemed when one accounted for the fact that the software that it ran was not only being phased out, but also was extremely unlikely to attract the attention of developers down the road.

What did  learn from the whole TouchPad hype though?  Price sells.  People will buy anything if they think they’re getting a good deal on it.  Working in retail you would think that this reality would have struck me a long time ago – after all, I see instances where people sacrifice quality for price every day in my line of work – but in all honesty the TouchPad sale prices have been the best example of price-focused sales in recent time.  Sure, people are going to tell you how wonderful of a device the TouchPad is; how feature-rich it is, how wonderful WebOS is, how light and slim the device itself is, etc.  But even as true as all of this may be, the fact of the matter is that a great many of the people who have TouchPad’s in their hands right now simply would never have bought the device if it wasn’t for the price.

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Even at $99 the TouchPad is a Bad Buy

But as I’m sure you’ve heard, HP recently made a pretty stunning announcement that they were intent on removing themselves from the mobile industry, and as reports have also speculated, the larger hardware industry altogether. And now that the company is looking to root itself into the software industry HP has taken a number of steps to tie up their loose ends in the hardware sector.

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Here’s Why HP Is Moving Into the Software Business

It’s clear to us that HP is looking to focus on the software industry now and while many sites and blogs have been attempting to dissect the actual words HP used in its announcement that were discontinuing the TouchPad, WebOS devices, and planning to spin-off its PC business, I’ve thinking about what they didn’t say.  It all starts with the company’s new CEO, Leo Apotheker, who is the former head of SAP, the giant German enterprise software company.

If one thing is clear, Leo Apotheker knows the enterprise software industry very well.  Do you truly expect him to change his expertise because he’s at HP a company known for its computers and printers?  The short answer is no you wouldn’t.  And there is no reason Leo should try and get out of his comfort zone.  Stick with what you know well – it typically works out better in the long-term.  But aside from that there’s several reasons why being in the software business makes more sense from a business perspective.

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