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How To: Strategically Buy Domain Names

In response to a question about the new .co TLD (Top Level Domain), Jeff said that it is best to purchase as many top-level domains as possible for your website. This practice, not to be confused with the purchasing of multiple domains within the same TLD, helps you to secure and build your brand name or image for your organization. This got me thinking as to other domain purchase strategies that have the potential to bring more traffic to your site.

When you first register a domain, your domain registrar will usually offer to sell you a bundle of domain names usually consisting of the .com, .net, and .org domains. I highly recommend that you start out using this bundle (usually offered for a substantially discounted rate), as it will help to ensure that your competitors or rivals are not able to redirect your potential visitors, users, or customers away from your site. The reason that I suggest having these three particular TLD’s as a very minimum is simply because they are the most well known and have been around the longest. This ultimately allows you to build a more established persona, even if your website hasn’t been around for a significant amount of time.

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