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Study Finds that 80% of Paid Android Apps Are Downloaded Fewer Than 100 Times

It’s not exactly a new idea to hear that development for Google’s Android mobile platform is far less profitable than development on Apple‘s competing iOS; the platform utilized on Apple iPhones, iPod Touches, and the company’s wildly successful iPad tablet.  However, until now the only real evidence that we’ve seen of this phenomenon has been statements on the part of folks such as Phil Libin, the CEO of Evernote, who shared their own findings from within their operations.  Sure, these revelations were indeed informative and very intriguing to look at.  But for people like myself who are constantly thinking about the big picture there has always been that sliver of doubt and that question lingering about the true success of Android development.

But now the cloudy thoughts have been swept away with the release of a study that has concluded that Android applications aren’t all that heavily downloaded; and ultimately not profitable for developers.  With less than 20% of paid applications being purchased and downloaded on the Android platform, this study really makes me question just how Android developers are getting by.  Considering all the time and effort that goes into developing, testing, and releasing even the most basic paid app I am simply blown away at these low numbers; and I honestly feel for those who develop Android applications.

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