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Windows 8 to Run Windows Phone Applications

Anyone who remotely follows Microsoft’s release cycle of the Windows operating system has likely noticed the somewhat obvious fact that Microsoft’s success with each release is spotty at best.  Sure, Windows 7 has been on the market for a while now and has achieved a pretty outstanding adoption rate and has earned a killer reputation amongst consumers, but Windows Vista – the release prior to that – has widely been seen as a horrid release.  Before that Microsoft earned high ratings with Windows XP, and before that the Windows ME release was looked down upon like nothing else.  What point am I trying to get across here?  Whenever we prepare for Microsoft to release another version of Windows, we as consumers really have to question how solid of a release it’s going to be.

This time around is going to be especially interesting because Microsoft is implementing such dramatic changes into the operating system.  With a more refined layout that closely resembles the Windows Phone 7 mobile layout – a much more dramatic implementation of a mobile-like environment in comparison to Apple’s iOS-inspired scrollbars and gestures in Lion – Microsoft really has been working hard to overhaul the operating system in order to meet the needs and expectations of modern-day users.  And even as someone who has come to prefer the Linux and Mac OS X side of things, I must say that the screenshots that have been posted around the Internet of the upcoming Windows 8 release have been incredibly impressive.  Of course, there are things like the implementation of the ribbon UI that I’m not too fond of, but overall I really do think that Windows 8 has the potential to break the on-off “good release, bad release” cycle that Microsoft has become infamous for over the years.

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