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What is Amazon’s Future in Mobile?

When it comes to online merchants, Amazon is easily the largest and most well-known store out there; selling everything from books to high-end consumer electronics.  In the last few years however, we have seen Amazon adapt from being your run of the mill online storefront to becoming a “Jack of all trades” per se.  The company has successfully ventured into computing and server/storage field, is the manufacturer of the popular Kindle eBook reader, sells music and video download services, and has more recently started online entertainment streaming service.  Because of the success that Amazon has seen in every venture the company has made – all while playing it safe – has even gone as far as convincing me that the company is indeed ready to make gambles and to extend their grasp onto other consumer-driven industries.

Recently I have been reading quite a bit of substantiated speculation that Amazon will soon be marching into the mobile industry – a field that has grown over recent years and shows great potential of growing in the near future.  However, unlike a number of other entities that are working to release the next killer smartphone or tablet computer, Amazon appears to be focusing on the distribution of mobile applications for the Android operating system.

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