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Apple Event: Rumor Roundup for October 23

Last Tuesday, Apple sent out email invitations for a special event in San Jose on October 23. Those invitations, which simply read, “We’ve got a little more to show you,” added more fuel to the fire of the iPad mini rumors that have become more and more believable since John Gruber mentioned a potential new screen size back in April. Since then, stories from The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and other publications have lent credence to the device’s existence, and leaked photos of the alleged tablet let people see what an iPad mini might actually look like.

And now, the event. In many minds, the invitation’s text — the “little” in “a little more” — all but confirms that the iPad mini is real, and will be unveiled tomorrow at Apple’s event. And, while the iPad mini would certainly be a big deal in terms of new product releases, we can’t help but feel that’s not all that Apple has up its sleeve. The rumor mills have produced whispers of other product updates and refreshes, and we’re going to cover those here, too.

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