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Significator for iTunes Review

Are you looking for a great way to control your iTunes music library on your Mac? There are a lot of options out there, but today I’m going to share with you one that I found to be pretty awesome. Significator for iTunes is simple app with its sole purpose being to help you control iTunes.

The app sits in the menu bar, making it easy to access and it also has built-in Notification Center support, so you can keep an eye on what song is currently playing. Significator also supports global hotkeys (which are customizable via the app’s preferences) to make navigating through your music library even simpler.

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Rumor: Apple Pushing OS X Lion to App Store Servers

If you are here you’ve probably noticed that the iTunes and Mac App Store are both running extremely slow. I myself have attempted to download a few apps for my iPad and my Mac and have been stuck waiting for quite some time. After looking around on the Apple developer forums most of us are convinced this slowness is due to Apple pushing Mac OS X Lion to the App Store servers.

If you were/are wanting to download anything from the App Store we suggest you wait a few hours until things go back to normal. We will keep you posted on any more developing news as we receive it.

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Mac App Store to Ignite Mac Gaming

I’ll admit my previous article about the Mac App Store was less than approving. I mentioned five different things that could potentially bring the store to its knees. However, after almost two months the store is alive and well. Maybe not as good as the iOS store, but I see no signs of it failing anytime soon.

I recently began discovering new apps via the Mac App Store, looking around for utilities and things that would make me go wow, but was disappointed to find nothing of interest. I thought at that moment my suspicions of the store had been confirmed until something unexpected happened. By complete accident I clicked on Pangea Arcade, a simple retro style platform that brings together three classic arcade games with a modern twist. Over time I found many more games and slowly began to fill my Applications folder. A week passed and I was amazed at how little time it took to find, download and play games that let me relive my youth.

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Mac App Store Launches Tomorrow. Will It Change The Software Industry?

Tomorrow the Mac App Store opens to the public.  It’s going to be an exciting day for everyone – developers, consumers, and Apple.  Mac developers will be able to cash in on the whole App Store scene, while of course, Apple keeps their 30% cut.  Consumers will likely have some great software deals available to them with introductory pricing and all.  It will take a while for the dust to settle from the initial launch before we can really tell what the Mac App Store really means in terms of distribution and also pricing models with regard to the future of software.

The overall idea of a centralized app store certainly has it’s benefits and perks, especially for the company that controls it.  Of course, that’s not to say there aren’t some challenges or problems that it may face as well.  Additionally, I’m almost positive that the 30% cut that Apple takes from developers is less than what it costs companies such as Adobe and Microsoft to get their software on disks and then have it shipped around the world.  Which brings up the question, does the app store model work better than what we have now?

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