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Does The LinkedIn IPO Prove That Social Media Is Profitable?

Sometimes it can be easy for us as members of a modern society to realize that social networking portals such as MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook are only a (relatively) new concept in the world in which we live. And the fact of the matter is that as consumers and end-users we rarely ever really ponder the fact that while social networking is built to allow users to keep in touch with one another, the social networks themselves are indeed large and profitable enterprises that have their own profit-driven goals in mind.

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LogMeIn Goes Public With IPO Valued At $16 Per Share

LogMeIn, the software company known for their remote access software which allows users to easily access their computer from anywhere (provided you have an Internet connection) has just recently gone public. LogMeIn did well on its first day in the market with an initial public offering which was valued at $16 per share that rose to just over $20 per share. The latest IPO from LogMeIn is now the fourth venture backed technology startup to have made a strong debut this year. The first three being, OpenTable, SolarWinds, and Medidata Solutions.

I’m still somewhat skeptical about the company though. While it has reportedly been in the black since 2008, it hasn’t provided a full year of profit earnings yet. Additionally, it appears according to Morningstar Inc. analyst Rafael Garcia that while the number of electronic devices that use its software has jumped to 70 million over the past six years, almost 90% of users opt for the company’s free tools.

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