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Not content with completely overhauling the way employee discounts work in the last 30-days alone, T-Mobile CEO John Legere is promising  that the little magenta carrier that could will be announcing not just one but numerous changes over the next couple of days. The first in Legere’s grand plans? A new $40 Simple Starter plan, positioned perfectly for the average consumer’s needs on the low end.

Essentially, T-Mobile’s new plan will get you unlimited talk and text, plus 500 MB of high speed data for the month. T-Mobile has also done some work to remove the potential of overage fees – instead of just smacking you with a huge bill once you run out of that 500 MB (and given how much data our modern smartphones use, you likely will keep running out of such a small amount of data), T-Mobile will simply inform you to either buy a day-pass for more data or upgrade your plan to something with a bit more wiggle room. Totally fair, if you ask me.

The new Simple Starter plan is available starting today as “a predictable, affordable solution to millions of value-conscious Americans,” so head on over to T-Mobile’s official offer page to get started. You’ll also be eligible for all the other older Uncarrier goodies that T-Mobile offers you if you do, such as a Samsung Galaxy S5 for $0 down and an exciting lack of contracts.

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