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The rise of Tinder happened while I’ve been happily relationshipped, so I can’t speak from experience when I talk about how the app has revolutionized the dating scene. However, the app’s ease of use has become a model of efficiency and addictiveness, so much so that a new app called Switch is being called the “Tinder for jobs.” Proof that this is a good thing, the company has raised $1.4 million in seed round funding.

The news comes via a post on BusinessInsider, which explains how Switch works. Potential employees can browse job listings by swiping right on jobs that interest you, and swiping left on the rejects. When HR folk using the app are searching for job candidates, they follow the same methodology. When there’s a match, the users are notified in the app and can either start exchanging formal information, or start chatting right there. While that may work well for dating, I do have to wonder how well that particular feature would work. I’d be pretty nervous to start chatting away in an app on my smartphone with someone who might (or might not) give me a job.

One of the catches is that Switch is currently only good for jobs and job-seekers in New York, but the post explains that the funding will go toward expanding the service into San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, and Washington DC. One would hope that future expansions would take Switch into other areas across the country, since there’s a lot of flyover territory that seems to have been omitted from their plans. Currently, the app seems is only available iPhone, though it stands to reason that an Android version would have to be on the way sooner or later.

Switch is an interesting concept overall. Hopefully it can expand to other platforms and territories soon to take advantage of its potential.

[Source: BusinessInsider, Switch App]

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