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One of the single most highly requested pieces of functionality that has yet to appear on iOS is support for system wide third party alternate keyboards. Developers have seen huge success with alternate keyboards on Android, and none have been more successful than perhaps SwiftKey. Essentially allowing users to “type” faster with better autocorrect and swiping on the keyboard rather than tapping on individual keys, SwiftKey represents all the improvements that third party keyboards can have over stock keyboards. While Apple has yet to allow keyboards like SwiftKey to replace the iOS default keyboard, SwiftKey has decided to take matters into their own hands and bring their popular keyboard software to iOS with a new independent app, SwiftKey Note.

SwiftKey Note offers a great, and unique, new experience on iOS – however it’s far from perfect. While the application allows you to quickly write notes and documents with an outstanding keyboard, the full functionality just isn’t there yet. Perhaps SwiftKey’s best feature, the swipe typing, is notable absent from SwiftKey Note – a huge downside for many who might have been otherwise excited for this.

The other big down side is that this is, of course, a very individual experience. No matter how good SwiftKey Note’s keyboard is, you can still only use it on SwiftKey Note. Sure, you can type up a document and send it over to Evernote using SwiftKey’s built in Evernote syncing functionality, but that doesn’t do anything for those of us who wish we could bang out iMessages any faster. SwiftKey Note is now available on iOS for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch over on the App Store.

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