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These days, Hollywood is constantly on the look out for the next hit movie, and Sony hopes they’ve got it. According to NBC News, Sony has purchased the rights to a New York Times article regarding how the Target security breach came to light – and what else might they be doing but making a movie about it.

Sony plans on turning the rather innocent article into a “cyber-thriller” that plans on being “set in the high-stakes international criminal world of cyber-crime.” The story will likely follow Brian Krebs, a blogger that uncovered the Target breach, as he unravels the mystery behind the breach and deals with retaliation at the hands of the hackers, including identity theft, harassment, fecal matter deliveries, SWAT team intervention, and more.

Sony has yet to reveal specifics surrounding the deal, including an expected release date, casting information, or anything further than the general synopsis. But hey, this has all the makings of a great summer blockbuster, so get the popcorn ready.

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