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All the major players in video games are getting some good news heading into the weekend. The latest numbers released by the NPD Group suggest that the two newest consoles on the market, Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One, sold extremely well in the month of November. Not to be outdone, Nintendo released some impressive figures for its own console, the Wii U, though the company didn’t provide any solid sales numbers for its hardware.

The PlayStation 4 took top honors for November, claiming the title of “top-selling console.” The PS4 helped boost Sony all around, allowing the company to claim that PlayStation-branded systems were number one in sales, as well. Stock for the PlayStation 4 has been hard to come by since its launch, so it’s possible Sony could have widened its lead had the company been prepared for the demand.

Wii UNot to be outdone, Microsoft had some solid figures for its Xbox One; NPD reported that 909,132 Xbox One consoles were sold during the first nine days of availability, and that Microsoft is selling an average of 101,000 systems per day. These stats allow Microsoft to claim the “fastest-selling console” title, which isn’t as coveted a title as “top-selling” but sounds good, nonetheless.

Nintendo is the big surprise though — or not, if you feel the Wii U is the more compelling offering this holiday season. Nintendo didn’t chime in with solid sales numbers for its Wii U console, but it did state that November’s sales were up by more than 340 percent from October’s sales. The company did release November sales figures for its latest title, Super Mario 3D World; Nintendo claims to have moved 215,000 copies of the game in its first eight days on sale. Considering the fact that Microsoft once sold 160,000 Wii U systems in an entire quarter, those numbers look pretty good.

Have you picked up a next-gen system this holiday season, and if so, which one? We’d love to get your thoughts on why you chose it and what you think of it so far. Drop us a line below.

[via Joystiq]

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