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Got yourself a PlayStation 3 console and absolutely psyched for the launch of the next generation PlayStation 4 next month? I don’t blame you – excitement has definitely been growing, and Sony is looking to capitalize on that fact by allowing gamers to pre-order upcoming PlayStation 4 launch titles right from their existing PlayStation 3.

All games pre-ordered using the PlayStation 3 will be delivered on the night of launch immediately, pushed directly from the cloud onto your existing PlayStation Network account. That of course means that in order for this to work you’ll need to configure your PlayStation 4 to use the same PSN account you already use on your PlayStation 3 (sorry, no do-overs) though that’s a small price to pay for this level of convenience.

At the moment, Sony’s selection of games you can pre-order from the PlayStation 3 is a bit limited – Knack and Warframe are both available to pre-order, though more games will likely be arriving on the store in the very near future as Sony gets closer to launch. Those expecting the highly anticipated Ubisoft launch title Watch Dogs to arrive the night of launch are in for a bit of a disappointment, however, as Ubisoft yesterday officially confirmed that they would be delaying Watch Dogs until Spring 2014. Most retailers have promised that any customer who pre-ordered the official Watch Dogs PlayStation 4 bundle will still obtain a PlayStation 4 on schedule the day of launch, however it’ll come without the open world joys of virtual computer hacking that is Watch Dogs.

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