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Snapchat has announced a new feature called Geofilters that allows you to apply special filters to an image depending on where you are located.  For example, if you snap a picture in New York City, available filters include NYC-themed “Manhattan” text or a simple graphic such as the Empire State Building or a cluster of skyscrapers.

They may not seem like much right now, but these filters have potential to turn into a possible revenue stream for Snapchat, which many have been wondering about for some time. Disneyland already has its own set of “magical” filters to promote the Happiest Place on Earth.


To enable the new filters, make sure Location Services is turned on and after taking a picture, swipe left or right to browse through the options. Since the filters differ from location to location and not all areas have them yet, Snapchat thinks Geofilters will be fun for users as they explore new places to discover new filters.

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