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Have you ever wondered how technology has affected the way we communicate? I mean, we’ve definitely come a long way from the rotary phone and string & cup calling system. Between sending embarrassing videos that disappear after ten seconds, to texting each other constantly, the mobile phone and all the applications that come with it, has really changed how society interacts. There is a feeling of being constantly connected to those around us, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

However, when was the last time you really enjoyed the way that you communicate? Did you really have fun sending that text to your boss to tell him you’d be five minutes late? Was that last Snapchat you sent as epic as it could have been? A lot of the messaging and communication apps we have become so accustomed to, have sort of lost their novelty. And with Facebook copying Instagram, Instagram coping Snapchat, and more, it seems that all communication apps today are sort of blending together and losing their originality. Well, like with everything nowadays, there’s an app to solve that problem. Snaappy is a 3D communication platform that offers users all the features of your typical messaging app, together with some unorthodox elements, creating a fun and refreshing twist on communication.

Snaappy is the messaging app that just keeps on giving. The app’s almost never-ending list of features guarantees that users will have fun while communicating with friends and family. Snaappy’s most obvious feature is the 3D stickers available via the app. Snaappy the Bear, the namesake for the app, and his eight friends are all available free to download as sticker packs. All of the stickers are characters with distinct personalities users can relate to. Snaappy aims to change how we communicate, and characters lets users have entire conversations with only 3D stickers not words. Using a prediction algorithm, Snaappy even predicts what sticker is the best reaction to the one you just received. Snaappy helps users express feelings emojis cannot because the characters represent emotions that are real.

We’ve all experienced the dread of anxiously waiting for a response, as the ellipsis bubble flashes on screen and almost mocks you. It’s literally torture. Whether you just asked your crush to dinner or fessed up to your boss that you made a type-o, sometimes it just sucks to wait. But with Snaappy you don’t have to. Snaappy offers users a live-typing feature, meaning that users can see what someone is typing before they hit send. Whether it’s your significant other, colleague, or friend, now you can see what your contacts really think about you. Snaappy introduces users to a texting culture that doesn’t exist yet, by eliminating stressful waiting periods, knowing what their friends really think about them, and avoiding the storage of sensitive chat history, all while saving on data storage dramatically.

The latest version of the app, available in both the Apple Store and Google Play, sports a new AR video and picture editor. The AR editor lets users enhance all their favorite pictures and videos with the app’s 3D stickers. Once an animation is added, users can upgrade these animations with text bubbles and voice notes. Snaappy turns the most basic of images and videos into cute movie clips!

Although Snaappy offers users all the traditional features of a messaging app, we’re not sure yet if its string of unorthodox features will be enough to make it stand out in the competition. If you’re looking at Whatsapp and Viber, Snaappy definitely doesn’t fall into the category of standard messaging. However, it’s not as AR featured as Snapchat. It’s somewhere in the middle. Whether its myriad of features, yet original approach to how we communicate will succeed, only time will tell.

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