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This past summer, Facebook put out a competitor for Snapchat, the photo and video-sharing app that zaps your content into limbo once it’s been consumed, and is a hit with all the youngsters. We wrote about Slingshot when it debuted in June – and then promptly forgot it even existed. Surprise! It exists – and it has new features.

The Slingshot blog explains the new goodies. To start, now users can share full screen photos and looping videos with “just two taps.” The app now also provides “the freshest shots” from the users you’re following, as well as the ability to reply to any image with private photo and video reactions. Slingshot will also let you follow non-friends via the “Explore” feature, allowing you to see images and videos shot by folks you would never have otherwise met. That’s neat? I guess?

In all, the new Slingshot sounds like an improvement on the old one. That said, I still don’t know why this app exists, or who it’s for. I appreciate that Slingshot is an alternative to Snapchat, but I found the entire system of having to send a photo before you can even look at a photo you were already sent to be confusing – not to mention irritating. I uninstalled it minutes after I’d written that initial post in June, and today’s announcement of new features has done little to make me regret that decision.

However, I’m willing to believe that maybe I’m missing something. Am I missing something? Does anyone out there use Slingshot? If so, do you like it? Why? How and why is it better than Snapchat? That’s another app in which I have little interest, but at the very least I get the concept.

Anyway, new Slingshot features! Hooray?

[Introducing the New Slingshot]

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