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Yes, it’s finally happened. Despite being owned, operated, and developed by none other than Microsoft themselves, Skype for Windows Phone has always lagged a bit behind the competition in some pretty key areas. When Skype brought video messaging to iOS and Android back in June, we noted how strange the Windows Phone omission seemed given the circumstances. Well Microsoft and Skype has finally corrected the error of their ways and has brought video messaging to their popular Windows Phone application at long last.

Video messages work similarly to how audio messages work; simply click the “+” sign in a Skype conversation, select the video message option, and get talking with your device’s front or back facing cameras. It’s important to remember that this is an asynchronous conversation – meaning you’re not actually having a full on video conversation in real time, but rather sending pre-recorded videos to your conversation to which your buddy could then respond to.

The new update is available starting today on the Windows Phone Marketplace and carries the version number of 2.10. This newest version of Skype continues support for both Windows Phone 8 as well as Microsoft’s last-generation Windows Phone 7.8 platform, though you’ll need a device with at least 512MB of RAM which cuts out some of the lower end Windows Phone 7 devices.

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