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Face it – the economy is in a down turn and you still want to buy applications for that iPhone or iPod Touch of yours but don’t want to buy the application for $5, $10, or even $15. Well, now you can monitor applications in the AppStore for free using a website called

AppShopper allows you to search and monitor app activity such as updates and price changes. If a particular app goes down in price you can then click the Buy Now button on AppShopper and it will take you directly to the AppStore where you can then complete the purchase.

Additionally, you can buy an app called AppSniper for .99c which allows you to monitor apps directly on your iPhone or iPod Touch and even allows you to create something called “snipes” which basically will track any application you tell it and let you know when it drops in price.

Both of these tools are great ways to help you save money in the AppStore. Do you have any other money saving tips? Leave a comment!

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