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This morning, Samsung tweeted a new teaser video for what it’ll be showing off at its upcoming Unpacked event. Scheduled for the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on March 1, the event will supposedly see the unveiling of its next flagship phone, the Galaxy S6 – and the video teaser today seems to give us a tiny look at the device in all of its edged glory.

There’s nothing particularly meaty in the video itself. We see some of the things that “inspired” the Galaxy S6, but it all seems just like fashionable window dressing. In the end, the only thing that really matters is the curved slab of whatever that comes at the very end of the video, which we’ve screen-capped into the above header image.

It seems like a sure thing that the Galaxy S6 will have tapered edges, giving users more display surfaces to interact with like the Galaxy Note Edge. We also know that the Edge will be a variant for the S6 – which means that the standard version will likely have the traditional type of display that’s found on most phones.

So the questions are these: what new functions will Samsung bring to the table with the Galaxy S6 Edge now that it’ll have two edges, rather than just the Note’s one? And how much will the price difference be? If the Edge costs too much, it’s not likely to win too many people over who want to try something new.

Then there’s also the question of fragmentation. Giving users options is great – but too many options can be trouble, especially when they’re major departures like the Edge. If all of the Galaxy S6 units were Edged, that’d be a big, bold move on Samsung’s part, especially if it were priced comparatively with previous iterations. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung treated the new Galaxy S6 Edge as a premium version of the device, and then charged a premium price to match. That may prove to be a problem when it comes to attracting new customers who don’t want to make a big choice like that – they may just want the cool new phone. Then you have problems with knowing how many handsets to produce one way or the other – and then you repeat the problems from last year about having too many unsold phones in warehouses.

I’m still intrigued by what Samsung’s got cooking, so I’ll try to reserve judgment until we see what’s happening. But I’m still worried that it’s going to push the Edge while still putting out the vanilla version of the S6.

[Source: Twitter via Neowin]

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