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AT&T and Samsung have jointly announced that Samsung will be launching their popular 8-inch Galaxy Note product in the United States sometime in July, and will be bringing along an exclusive LTE-enabled version while their at it. The Galaxy Note 8.0 is powered by Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, a 1.6 GHz quad core processor, 5-megapixel camera, and 16GB of internal memory.

Unfortunately for would be Galaxy Note owners, that means that the device is running a version of Android that was first released almost one whole year ago in July of 2012. I outlined Android’s fragmentation woes last week, and it seems that Samsung is choosing to be part of the problem rather than part of the solution here. That means that the Galaxy Note 8.0 doesn’t have some of the latest features and functionality found on some other new Android devices running the latest version of Android, Android 4.2.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 launched in Europe recently to some success, however many were disappointed about the device’s lack of LTE. Fortunately for Americans, LTE is much more prevalent in mainland United States then it is in other parts of the world, so AT&T and Samsung rightly decided to add in the functionality to the hardware; launching a device without LTE in America in 2013 would have been a difficult sell.

AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 will also come with a free AT&T Locker subscription, which provides AT&T customers with 50GB of free cloud storage. The application will be delivered to devices via a free update, and will allow consumers to share and access videos, pictures, and files across multiple devices.

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