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SafeSend – The Answer To Accidental Email

Just over six months ago someone named Vince from international news agency Reuters accidentally sent an email to over 30,000 email contacts.

This situation created a torrent of issues for both the company and those who were unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of the correspondence, with the privacy of thousands of employees and reporters being compromised.

This wasn’t a one-off situation. Instances like this occur on a weekly basis at companies up and down the nation, and across the world.

In an era where technology is making it much easier for us to communicate electronically, there are also associated issues that come along with the convenience and ease with which we pass information to each other.

This is where SafeSend comes in.

A privately held software company based in Oslo, Norway, SafeSend AS developed the SafeSend software with one primary aim in mind.

To solve the problem of accidental email. SafeSend goes about this in a number of ways;

The confirmation of external email recipients

Absolutely crucial in ensuring the contents of your email don’t find their way into the wrong hands, SafeSend will ask the sender to confirm the details of their email and who it’s going to, removing the dangerous auto-complete method used by most standard email platforms.

Review files attached to your email before you send it

This feature will allow you to view any attachments in any emails you send to external sources. It’s all too easy to simply hit that send button without checking the attachments are going to people that are supposed to receive them.

SafeSend helps eliminate that issue.

Take control over company-wide email settings

All settings in your SafeSend account are configurable from a centrally managed interface using the group policy. For even greater levels of control, you can also configure on a per-user basis, allowing you to structure your email settings to fit with your company structure.

Remove the “select all” option entirely

The option to select all when sending email is one of the biggest reasons for accidental email and has been the cause of some of the biggest email nightmares in recent business history. SafeSend provides you with the option of removing the facility altogether.

When selected, all users under your account will have to check each external recipient individually, thus significantly reducing the possibility of an email being sent outwith the company by accident.

SafeSend comes with a fantastic selection of other features that will assist in taking your business to the next level in terms of security.

Included among them are the ability to apply your branding and style to the SafeSend product by taking advantage of our white-label version, and top class customer support that sees us usually able to respond to any queries within an hour.

SafeSend is also available on a 7-day trial, where you will be able to access a fully functioning version of the software for a period of time to evaluate its use to your company. We’re extremely confident that once you give SafeSend a go, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to operate without it.

Please visit their website for more information :

I partnered with the brand to write this article but every word is mine.

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