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V-Moda is a company known for their superior sound quality mixed in with elegant and stand-out design, with the Remix Remote headphones being no exception. V-Moda’s Remix line of in-ear headphones were very popular for their durability as well as their performance, but customers complained about the lack of remote and volume control on the cable. V-Moda answered by releasing the Remix Remote, the difference is simply the addition of the in-line remote and volume control. The sound quality and build quality is the same quality that customers loved when buying the Remix headphones.

Build quality wise, these are very solid ‘phones. The drivers are enclosed in metal, but are not extremely heavy like some metal enclosed in-ears. They fit very snuggly in the ear and do not fall out easily. With that combination of weight and fit, these headphones are ideal for the athlete or anyone looking to use headphones in the gym or on a run. To add to the physical activity aspect is the included around-ear bands. The bands will route the headphones around the ears to secure the fit and if the buds do fall out they will just hang from the ears rather than falling to the ground. The cable has a nice soft touch texture to it and is a decent size and length.

Sound quality is the reason you should be buying a pair of headphones, after all the sound is what you will be using the headphones for. The sound on these Remix Remotes are very good for the price of $99.99 USD retail. I own the Shure SE115 IEM’s which are also retail $99.99, and which I would put ahead of the Remix Remotes in sound quality and durability. In my opinion they are directed to a totally different market, but I believe the fit on the SE115’s are much better because of the included sets of memory foam tips. It has been hard for me to go back to silicon tips after using the memory foam tips for so long.

However, If you buy a pair of Comply foam tips for these V-Moda headphones, the sound will be much improved as the fit and seal will be much improved. Other than that these sound good for 100 dollar ‘phones, as the bass is not overwhelming but has a presence, the mids are not muddled, and the highs are just right and don’t make you cringe when you hear them like some small speakers and in-ear headphones do at times.

Overall, I would rate these a 4/5, as build quality is excellent and sound is not too shabby either. For $99.99, these are a great option for working out, walking the streets, or for whatever else you may do with them.

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