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TuffLuv may not be a well-known case manufacturer, but they sure know how to make great looking, unique cases that are also some of the best quality cases I have tested. Unlike some iPad case makers who limit their cases to Apple product, TuffLuv makes protective accessories for almost every electronic gadget you own over at their website. But for this review, I tested one of their iPad cases, the Bi-Axis.

The Bi-Axis is a faux leather, book style case for the Apple iPad. It is all black faux leather, although I did not know it was faux leather when I first received it. They do have a Napa Leather version, but that will cost you almost $30 more. The faux leather Bi-Axis will run for about $42 USD, and I will say it is definitely worth it. The quality of the material used is extremely soft and feels very comfortable to hold. It is quite heavily padded, yet is not too bulky.

There are 5 buttons on the front of the case which disguise themselves as a fashion piece, but when you undo the strip of buttons, you will see that you can change the angle of view on the case. There is another button and a stand on the back of the case, and when you fold the front cover back, you have 5 different angle options to prop your iPad at. The name “Bi-Axis” actually comes from the bottom right corner of the front cover. The corner is very flimsy, purposely of course, which allows the case (when folded back) to also stand up vertically with the iPad in it.

I found this feature and even the buttons to hold very well, so your iPad will not collapse on you. The stitching around the buttons is also very well done, so as you unbutton and button up, you are assured they wont rip out of the case. The iPad slips into the case from the right side, which gives you the option to take the iPad out when the case is in ‘stand mode’. The downside is the iPad is only secured in by that one button, and the rest of the side is left open. All the buttons and switches are left open and very easy to access, as is the 30-pin port and the speakers/microphone.

Overall, this case is well worth the $45 or so dollars that will be spent. TuffLuv is located in Europe, so just be aware of shipping. The case serves me very well, and I have currently been using it on my iPad for the past month. I love the look of it when up close, as it looks like any journal style notebook, and also gives the iPad a very solid layer of protection with the amount of padding on this case. My final rating on the TuffLuv Bi-Axis case is a solid 4.5/10.

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