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If you own an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods, you have likely been waiting for Apple to release its AirPower wireless charging mat–I feel your pain, I’ve been waiting too. But if you’re tired of waiting then today is your lucky day. I was recently contacted by the folks over at Vinpok, a company that makes all different kinds of accessories, and they asked me to review their brand new Plux wireless charging stand/mat. 


Charging my devices using the Plux wireless charger.

The Plux wireless charging stand comes in two colors: black and white. I was sent the white one–it’s fairly well built but it does ship with a handful of parts and to get it up and running it requires a little bit of assembly. In an effort to see how easy the assembly actually was I decided to stay away from the instructions as much as possibly (I ultimately had to reference them once or twice). Overall, I’d say assembly is fairly straight-forward, but if you do buy the product, check out this video on how to put it together. 

One thing I liked about the Plux wireless charging stand was that you could use it as a stand or a mat. This is really nice because in my experience with other wireless chargers when an iPhone X is placed on a wireless charging mat without a case it will often slide off over time. Unfortunately the Plux wireless charger isn’t exempt from this issue, however, when used as a stand, there are absolutely no issues at all. My iPhone X stayed planted on the charger. 

Additionally, the Plux wireless charger is designed to support charging three different Apple products at once: iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods–which is something I’ve really only seen done on Apple’s AirPower mat (that isn’t out yet). It’s worth mentioning since AirPods don’t (yet) have a wireless charging case, you need to plug in a Qi wireless charging adapter (provided with the Plux) into your current AirPods case in order to be able to charge them using the Plux wireless charger. I also really like how carefully they designed the product to handle the Apple Watch charger and make it so it’s essentially invisible. 


Once the Plux wireless charger is fully assembled, it’s really easy to use. Simply placing your iPhone on the charging pad will initiate charging immediately. I never had to fiddle with my iPhone X to get it to “connect” — it just worked. 

If you’re tired of waiting for Apple’s AirPower mat, check out the Plux wireless charger! 

In my experience, I had better luck with ensuring my Apple Watch stayed connected to the charger by placing it on the charger with the watch band open. While it did work with the watch band closed, it definitely stayed better connected to the charger with it open (and that was the case in both mat and stand configurations). 

I’ve been using the charger in the stand configuration for the reasons I mentioned earlier and it’s been a wonder to use. The lip on the bottom of the stand that holds the iPhone in place and upright is a little small for my liking, but it hasn’t resulted in any mishaps so that’s good. 


The Plux wireless charging stand is priced very competitively at $49 (for the rest of September). The regular price is $79. And honestly, for $49 this definitely one of the best wireless chargers you’re going to find on the market, especially if you’ve been waiting for the AirPower mat. You can buy it here.

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