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In an effort to boost sales of its flagship iPad tablet, Apple is said to be preparing one with a gold-colored case, set to be unveiled this month. It seems pretty likely considering the success Apple found last year when it released the gold-colored iPhone 5s, not to mention the forthcoming Apple Watch – one model of which will be released composed of actual gold.

The news comes from a report on Bloomberg this morning, which reports that the gold color will join silver and gray as case color options. It seems that Apple hasn’t been as successful with the iPad over the last six months, with declines in sales “for the past two quarters.” Of course, it’s important to note that declining sales for a product doesn’t necessarily denote much in the way of actual failure – perhaps it simply means that the people who have iPads haven’t bought new iPads, and other people, well, don’t need iPads.

The report says that Apple’s addition of the gold color will hopefully reignite interest in the product line. So, too, will the iPad Pro, a rumored model of the tablet that will sport a 12.9-inch display, and will be the largest iPad yet. Other details about that supposed model of device are all speculative right now, but Apple seems to be in the mood to make its devices bigger – hence the iPhone 6 Plus.

With that in mind, then, it seems possible that a gold iPad Air may not necessarily light too many fires of desire among the Apple fans out there. As the report points out, the iPhone 5C didn’t do as well as Apple would have hoped, despite its bright colors, solid specs, and lower price. Unless the gold iPad brings a significant update in terms of specs or features, I can’t really see this being enough of a change to get people excited. Maybe I’m wrong, though. What say you, iPad fans?

[Source: Bloomberg]


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