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Transcribing interviews can be the bane of many journalist’s existences. It’s a slow and tedious process that is often of critical importance, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I want to share with you an amazing app called Call Recorder by Yallo. Call Recorder allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls using your own number for both national and international calls without sacrificing voice quality. Forget apps that over promise and under deliver, forget complicated Skype configurations, Call Recorder by Yallo is simple and seamless.

Call Recorder app icon.
Call Recorder app icon.

A couple of key benefits of Call Recorder, first, there is absolutely no limit on how long you can record a call for and two, there is absolutely no limit on how many recordings you can make. Once you finish a call with Call Recorder, the recording is available immediately. It’s also emailed to you and can be played on your phone, computer, and even uploaded to Dropbox and/or Google Drive.

Listen to the call however you like, wherever you like, and transcribe away. Some other things worth mentioning are all incoming calls are completely free. When you signup for the app, you are given some credits for outgoing calls which you can use to test the voice quality, etc. If you need additional credits to place outgoing calls, you can purchase them as necessary.

I’ve used Call Recorder a lot, for a while I had it set as my primary dialer app and used it for all my calls (you can have all your calls forwarded to it if you want, instructions can be found in the app) and was quite happy with it. I’m also told by the CTO that they are working on an auto-transcribing feature which they hope to roll out soon. So stay tuned for that!

Call Recorder by Yallo is available for free on iOS and Android.

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