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Yesterday, I purchased the Motorola Droid 2.  You may (and probably are) asking yourself why I would purchase the Droid 2 when I’m content with my iPhone 4.  My reasoning?  I wanted to experiment with something new.  Plus, I love gadgets.  So why not?  I had a Verizon line which was eligible for an upgrade so I did it.  I got an Android device.

I wasn’t sure which to get though.  Aside from wanting to get something which just came out for review purposes, here are the 5 reasons I chose the Droid 2 over any other Android phone out there today.  Keep an eye out for the full review in the next week or so.

5 reasons to buy the Droid 2:

1. The Droid 2 comes with Android 2.2 (Froyo) preinstalled, which means WiFi tethering and mobile hotspot are available right off the bat.  Additionally, you have access to the latest Adobe Flash.  Of course, there a bunch of other features and updates that come with Froyo which you can learn more about here.

2. It sports a sleek 3.7″ display.  The Droid 2’s 3.7″ display is just slightly larger than the iPhone’s and while not as big as the HTC EVO’s or Droid X’s displays, it fits nicely in your pocket.

3. If you are looking for an Android device with a physical QWERTY keyboard, the Droid 2 is a solid choice.  Motorola greatly improved the keyboard on the Droid 2 from its predecessor.  They removed the trackpad and centered the keyboard making it easier and more comfortable to type on.

4. It comes with Swype.  The Droid 2 offers the ability to use the popular Swype input method.  A popular alternative to the multitouch keyboard, Swype allows you to connect letters together to type out the word.  For example, moving from G to E to T on the keyboard will spell out GET without having to raise your finger.  If a word isn’t recognized, you can correct it and it will learn it for the next time you Swype it.

5. Verizon.  The Droid 2 is on the Verizon network.  And lets face it.  Verizon’s wireless network is about the only network in the United States which can provide reliable coverage and service in most places.

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