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If you’re a longtime Winamp user and just can’t let go of the MP3 player software that whips the llama’s ass, you were probably pretty bummed at AOL’s announcement that they were discontinuing the software, which has seen its popularity dip to new lows in recent years. But all hope is not lost – Radionomy, a new startup that launched in 2012 as a free online radio streaming service, has purchased Winamp from AOL for an undisclosed amount of cash.

Radionomy has also acquired SHOUTcast, Winamp’s native radio streaming protocol, as part of the deal. Radionomy, which is based in Belgium, promises that the application will continue to see future updates in both its desktop and Android applications, and will also see a new iOS application developed in the future.

AOL has reportedly taken a 12 percent stake in Radionomy as part of the deal. Interestingly, Radionomy’s Alexandre Saboundjian mentioned expanding the scope of Winamp into some pretty interesting new spaces, saying in the press release that the company has plans “to make the player ubiquitous, developing new functionalities dedicated to desktop, mobile, car systems, connected devices and all other platforms.”

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