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Knowing a foreign language is one thing, but putting the same into the accurate transcript that will make most translation agencies hire you is a totally different thing altogether. That tells you that not just anybody can become a professional translator, at least for big corporations that need exceptional quality. Moreover, the higher the quality you give, the more likely you’ll get paid higher in the industry. As a translator, you must always strive to offer exceptional transcription services online. At the end of the day, hard work is rewarded wholesomely.

So, what are some of the qualities that help translators come up with correctly translated texts throughout their careers? Well, they include but aren’t limited to, the following:

  • Quality

Firstly, a reputable translator who wants to win the hearts of many clients or agencies must be obsessed with quality. Quality work should include unmatched expertise in linguistics to give accurate text translations. Expertise in linguistics does not only entail the ability to comprehend or express yourself in other languages, but it is more of excellent mastery in vocabulary, terminologies, and intonation. Remember, all those three things can completely alter a phrase’s meaning, and that is why you must score them right from the word go.

  • Resources and accuracy

A competent translator should have unlimited access to relevant resources and software that makes his/her work accurate and desirable. Equipment with updated technology will help conduct audio tests before the actual work. Such equipment includes high-quality microphones and speakers. However, working with a reputable agency also means that you can have access to endless high-quality resources that can improve the quality of your work and merit it at international standards.

  • Honesty and clarity

Translation jobs can be very overwhelming, especially when you can’t clearly get hold of some phrases or accent. It is understandable to err as human beings and take responsibility for the same rather than just skipping. You must be honest and do thorough research about any text that isn’t clear and include the same as future references. Most clients will understand that because human beings aren’t 100% perfect, even though we always try to do our things to perfection.

  • Curiosity

It should interest you to know that the translation industry is ever-growing and more languages are open for translation services. Similarly, there is a call for the latest translation skills and techniques, especially when dealing with high-flying clients. Therefore, a reasonable translator should be full of curiosity that always drives them to become better in whatever they do. You must be ready to learn new phrases and words because learning is something that never ends in the translation industry.

  • Rich vocabulary

A good translator shouldn’t only have an extensive lexicon in his/her first language but should also extend the same to translated words. Rich vocabulary will definitely make the quality of the translation higher, especially if the translated material is for the elite. Moreover, translating documents in specific fields such as sciences, engineering, business, or law will demand that the translator has a good mastery of all the technical terms used and translate them as they are.

  • Humble pride

Translators should be proud of their work and own it, but that one doesn’t mean not accepting corrections or criticism from the proofreader or editor. In other words, a competent translator should be ready to learn and make corrections because the most important thing, in the end, is the quality of the transmission.

  • Self-discipline and management skills

Translation is just like any other job and therefore calls for high ethics and codes of conduct. Self-discipline means that they can work and deliver under minimum supervision and meet all the set deadlines. As for management skills, it is best when the translator is a team player because some jobs would require several translators to work and deliver as a group.

  • Passion

Lastly, translators should be passionate about what they do. Passion will drive you to deliver all the projects that you work on time and in excellent shape. Passion is what drives you to get the latest resources. In other words, passion keeps you learning and to sacrifice greater time towards mastery.

The above qualities are what define a resourceful translator who every agency or client will prefer to hire. Remember, quality comes before everything else. So, polish your skills before taking on serious projects.

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