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Back in September, we covered Qualcomm’s entry into the world of smartwatches, the Toq. At first glance, the Toq looks kind of like a Samsung Galaxy Gear, and the two devices do share some similarities. But where the Galaxy Gear’s battery lasts about a day, the Toq’s lasts for several thanks to its “Mirasol” display — a sort of color-capable e-ink screen.

Qualcomm announced availability for its smartwatch this morning, and there is both good news and bad news. The good news is that the Toq will be available on “Cyber Monday,” which falls on December 2 this year. That’s not too far away. The bad news is that the $299 price that was originally reported by several outlets has been quietly increased to $349. That makes the Toq about $50 more expensive than the Galaxy Gear and about $200 more than the Pebble.

Those interested will be able to order the Toq directly from Qualcomm at

I’ve tweeted out to the Qualcomm Toq Twitter account regarding the price increase and will update if I get a response. In the meantime, does the Toq interest you at all or do some other wearables have your attention? Drop us a line below with your thoughts.

Update, 1:52 PM EST:

A response tweet from Qualcomm’s Toq Twitter account.

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